Off-Site Airport Parking Benefits

Newark Airport Parking Benefits

The benefits of off-site airport parking

If you can’t find a ride to the airport, you may be wondering where the best place to park your car is. At Vista Parking, we offer plenty of off-site airport parking benefits, so skip the parking at Newark Airport and give our service a try. We offer:


At Vista Parking, we know travel plans don’t always go smoothly (maybe you missed your flight, you got caught in some bad weather, or someone broke into your car at the airport), but we can help make things a little better. With our off-site airport parking service, you’ll be able to park your car in a safe lot and be transported to and from the EWR in just a few minutes. You won’t have to worry about trying to find a parking spot at the airport or paying a high amount to keep your car there. We’ll park your car for you, then send you on your way. When you return, simply call us and we’ll pick you up – we’ll even handle your luggage!


Who doesn’t like having extra money to spend on your vacation? With our parking service, you’ll get a competitive, affordable daily service rate that can put your mind at ease and help you save some money. We even offer corporate service rates and services. If you’re part of a company that frequently flies out of Newark, our parking specialist can work out a plan for you.


The best part about our off-site airport parking company is that you can enjoy your business trip or vacation knowing your car is in good hands. We have a fully fenced-in parking lot that is well lit and monitored by both video surveillance and our own staff members. We make it a point to protect your car while you’re gone so you can rest easy.

Try Vista Parking today and see why travelers of all kinds trust our parking service.


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