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Newark Airport parking problems? Not with Vista.

If you’ve ever flown out of Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), you know what a headache parking can be. You can leave early, get to the right terminal, have planned everything perfectly and still have to worry about where to park and how much the ever-climbing fees will be this time. The good news is that Vista Parking is here to help save you money if you’re flying with select EWR Airlines. We are ready to be the cure for your parking woes. If you need reliable service that keeps your vehicle safe and secure while you are away, let us help you.

Experience More Benefits

Vista Parking has always been committed to customer service; that’s nothing new. For the last 25 years, our family owned business has been dedicated to making your life a little easier by offering the best parking solutions possible. Now, we want to partner with you to make things even better.

We are offering exciting parking discounts if you’re flying with the following airlines:

Don’t be suspicious, there’s no catch. We are always trying to make life easier for you, so we’ve come up with a way to do just that. We already have a Frequent Parker Program that rewards you for picking the best parking option. Now, we are stepping up the game.

I want in. What do I do?

Ready to take advantage of these offers? We’re happy to hear it. Let’s get you started. We have some basic steps everyone should take, but remember that flying on some EWR airlines will get you discounts and special offers. For more information on specific deals, select your airline from those listed above. However, here are the basics of using our services.

The first step is to make a reservation. The process is simple, and clear instructions will guide you every step of the way. (Be sure to include the unique promo code for your airline to receive the EWR discount parking!) Once you’ve made your reservation, take a moment to relax. Your parking worries are over! Using Vista Parking has never been better for you, and now that means that flying on these EWR airlines has never better either. We look forward to making your next trip that much easier!

*Please note Vista Parking is not affiliated with airlines at Newark Airport.


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