Daily Parking at Newark Airport

Daily Parking at Newark Airport

Are you looking for daily parking at Newark Airport that’s safe, affordable, and accessible? Vista Parking is here to help! Why waste time and money parking at EWR when you can park with us? At Vista, you’ll have access to safe, wallet-friendly parking with unbeatable perks you won’t find at EWR. From our free Newark Airport shuttle to our out-of-this-world customer service, we are here to provide EWR travelers with convenient daily parking at Newark Airport every day of the year.

Newark Airport Daily Parking Lot Guide

Travelers can access daily parking the Newark Airport P4 parking lot. Located near Terminal C, P4 offers access to the AirTrain so passengers can quickly reach their terminal after parking. If you choose to park in the Newark P4 parking lot, you will be charged $4 each half-hour or $34 each day. While the daily parking garage is cheaper than the short term Newark Airport parking lots, it doesn’t offer the same level of convenience as short term parking, which can be found directly across from the terminal areas. If you’re looking to save money on Newark Airport parking, Vista proudly offers convenient and affordable valet parking any time and any day you need it.

Newark Airport Service Rates

Avoid Newark Airport Traffic

One of the biggest hassles of parking in the daily lot at Newark Airport is fighting airport traffic. EWR is always bustling with traffic and it can be tough to navigate. Parking at Vista allows you to avoid airport traffic and save time. We offer affordable valet parking, so you will save money, especially if you are going on a long trip.

At Vista, one of our drivers will park your car for you, so you can be on your way to the airport as soon as possible. Let us find a spot for your car while you enjoy a brief shuttle ride that takes you directly to your terminal. You won’t have to navigate the AirTrain or walk from the parking lot to your terminal when you park with Vista.

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More Than Just Affordable EWR Airport Parking

At Vista, we don’t just offer parking for travelers flying out of Newark Airport. If you need to take the AirTrain, you are more than welcome to use our offsite parking facility to save money. The AirTrain connects to the New Jersey Transit, PATH, and Amtrak, so you can easily access New York City, Philadelphia, and other eastern cities.

Daily parking at Newark Airport is costly, but AirTrain passengers can park with Vista and save. Our inexpensive valet parking services allow you to get checked in and on your way quickly so you can spend more time enjoying your destination. Whether you’re taking a day trip to New York or spending the week in Philly, we are here to provide cost-effective Newark Airport daily parking for AirTrain passengers.

Benefits of Vista Over Daily Parking at Newark Airport

Parking onsite at Newark Airport is inconvenient and expensive. Although daily parking at Newark Airport is more affordable than short term parking, you still have to take the AirTrain to reach terminals A, B, and C. This can be time-consuming and stressful, but when you park at Vista, you’ll be on your way to your terminal in a clean, comfortable shuttle while we park your car for you. When you park with us, you won’t just save money. You’ll also be able to enjoy the following perks that make parking with us a pleasant, easy experience.

Parking at Newark Airport for a Week or More?

It’s simple math. Daily parking at Newark Airport will cost you an arm and a leg if you’re going on a long trip. Our service rates are much more affordable than onsite daily parking at Newark Airport, so you’ll save big on longer trips. You’ll be able to enjoy your long vacation without the stress of coming home to a big parking bill.

If you frequently fly from EWR, why not become a frequent parker at Vista? Our Frequent Parker Rewards Program is available to help you save money on daily parking at Newark Airport. Whether you take frequent vacations or regular business trips, you’ll be able to save money when you park with us. For every $100 you spend at Vista, you’ll receive one free day of parking. You won’t find a program like this if you choose onsite daily parking at Newark Airport, so park with us and start earning free days of parking! The longer you stay, the closer you’ll get to earning free parking, so be sure to choose Vista for your next trip.

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EWR Daily Parking for Your Next Trip

Why choose between affordability and convenience when you can have the best of both worlds? When you choose Vista for daily parking, you’ll save time and money and have access to the best parking perks. Our safe parking facility is more secure than the Newark Airport P4 parking lot, and you won’t have to take the AirTrain to get to your terminal. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a swift valet parking experience, and we’ve proudly served Newark Airport travelers for over 25 years. Come park with us and see why we’re the best choice for daily parking in Newark.

*Updated 05/2020. Rates and information may be subject to change without notice.


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