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Vista Offers the Best Newark Airport Parking Service

When you park your car with Vista, you can save money and enjoy a quick, convenient Newark Airport parking experience. Our off-site facility offers many benefits you won’t find when you park at EWR, and our team is dedicated to providing travelers with affordable, accessible Newark Airport parking. We offer unbeatable rates so you can splurge on your vacation.

Newark Airport parking with us is easy. When you arrive at Vista, simply leave your car in the valet lane. One of our drivers will get you to the airport on time in our Newark Airport shuttle. You won’t have to waste time navigating EWR or searching for a parking spot when you use our offsite Newark Airport parking facility.

We care about our customers. Find out how we are looking out for your health and safety.

Newark Airport Parking Perks at Vista

When you park at Vista, endless perks await you to make your parking experience convenient and affordable. Here’s what you can expect from us every time you choose Vista for Newark Airport Parking.

24-Hour Access

For your convenience, our facility is open 24/7 to accommodate any flight schedule. No matter what time you need to leave, you can drop your car off at Vista and head to your terminal. Newark Airport never sleeps and neither do we! Simply make your reservation online and our Newark Airport parking shuttles will always be available to take you where you need to go.

Secure Airport Parking

Onsite parking at EWR doesn’t offer as many safety features as the Vista parking lot. We don’t want you to worry about your car while you are on vacation, so we’ve stepped up our security measures to include ample lighting, video surveillance, a sturdy fence, and trained staff members who are watching the lot at all times.

Fast Check In and Check Out

We know that time is of the essence when you are traveling. That’s why we offer a speedy check-in and check-out process, so you don’t have to wait. We will make sure to get you to the airport quickly, so you have plenty of time to get through security. When you return, we’ll have you on your way home in no time.

EWR Parking Shuttle

Paying a rideshare service to drive you to the airport can be expensive. As a Vista customer, you’ll get a ride to Newark Airport in our comfortable shuttle. When you return, we will pick you up and bring you back to our facility. You’ll never have to circle the EWR lots or fight airport traffic when you leave your car with us.

Family Owned Business

Since 1990, Vista has provided exceptional customer service and affordable Newark Airport parking. As a family-owned business, we strive to greet each customer with a smile and make every parking reservation run as smoothly as possible. For the past 25 years, travelers have come to expect only the best from Vista.

Valet Airport Service

We offer valet Newark Airport service to make your trip easier. Simply pull into the valet lane and we will do the parking. This makes Vista a great option for travelers who want to save time and head straight to the airport. If you’d rather leave the parking to us, be sure to choose Vista for your Newark Airport parking needs.

EWR Long Term Parking

Are you going on a long vacation or a business trip? We can help you save money on Newark Airport long term parking. Leave your car with us for a few weeks while you are enjoying your vacation.

EWR Short Term Parking

Even if you are only leaving for a few days, parking with us is more affordable and convenient than onsite EWR parking. Newark Airport short term can be expensive, but we offer wallet-friendly rates for all of our travelers.

Luggage Assistance

As our customer, you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. We offer complimentary luggage handling to make your trip easy. When you park at EWR, you have to drag your bags across the lot. Let us load your luggage for you while you settle in for a speedy shuttle ride.

Be Sure to Book Your EWR Parking Reservation in Advance

Do you want to secure your Newark Airport parking spot for the day of your trip? Be sure to book ahead of time so we can have a spot ready for you. If you know the dates and times you wish to park at Vista, book your reservation today!

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Flexible Newark Airport Parking Solutions

At Vista, we feel it’s important to extend our thanks to those who park with us the most. We offer two flexible parking programs to accommodate individuals and companies who park with us often.

Frequent Traveler Program

Frequent Parker Program

Do you frequently fly out of Newark Airport? Park with us and earn free days of parking as a member of our Frequent Parker Program. The Frequent Parker Program is free to join, and you can redeem up to seven days of free parking per reservation. If you love to travel, this program is an excellent way to save money on Newark Airport parking.

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Corporate Parking Program

Corporate Parking Program

Do your employees frequently fly out of EWR? Onsite airport parking fees can add up quickly, costing your company hundreds of dollars per reservation. The Corporate Parking Program at Vista is perfect for businesses that want to save money on Newark Airport parking. Choose from three special parking packages to best suit your company’s needs and enjoy VIP benefits like assigned parking and on-demand shuttle services.

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Cheap Newark Airport Service Rates When Flying with Select Airlines

Travelers flying with select airlines can save even more money by parking with Vista. Certain airlines like JetBlue, Alaska, and Porter are just a few of the airlines we offer special discounts on. Travelers flying with these airlines can also enjoy expedited drop off at their terminal. We also offer special Newark Airport parking with service rates for United passengers plus many more!

How Does Vista’s Newark Airport Parking Process Work?

Vista offers a simple, convenient alternative to onsite Newark Airport parking. Here’s how it works.

Make a Reservation

If you want to park your car at Vista, the first step is to make a reservation on our website. Head to the “Reservation” tab and let us know the date and time you wish to park with us. We’ll ask a few quick questions and create your reservation after you hit submit. At Vista, we make it easy to secure your Newark Airport parking.

Checking In

In order to have ample time to get checked-in, ride to the airport, and get through security, please arrive at Vista two to three hours before your flight departure. All you have to do is head into the lobby, leave your keys, and board the shuttle to EWR.

Getting to Newark Airport

While you’re boarding the shuttle, your driver will load your bags for you. We are located close to the airport, so your ride will be safe and speedy. Once you arrive at your terminal, your driver will unload your luggage and you can head into the airport.

Checking Out

Once you arrive back at our facility, your car will be waiting for you with the heater or air-conditioner on. Head into the lobby for a quick check-out process before hopping in your car and driving home.

We Protect Your Valued Property

We know that you count on your vehicle, so we work hard to protect it while you’re gone. Let our safe and secure off-site Newark Airport parking lot put your mind at ease.

Learn More About Newark International Airport

Newark Airport TerminalsNewark Liberty International Airport opened on October 1, 1928. EWR is located in Newark, New Jersey and sees over 42 million passengers per year. Newark Airport has a rich history. During World War Two, it was used for military operations. On September 11, 2001, the infamous hijackers took down the flight that left from EWR and tragically crashed in Pennsylvania. After the crash, “Liberty” was added to the airport’s official name to commemorate the victims.

After the war, Newark Airport grew rapidly. Rental car facilities and a rail system were added to make traveling easy. The airport has continued to expand to serve over thirty major airlines. Today, Newark Airport is operated under the Port Authority of New York.

Onsite Newark Airport Parking is Expensive

Short-term, long-term, and valet parking service fees at EWR will cost you a pretty penny. Why spend all of your travel money on parking when you can save with Vista? Our offsite Newark Airport parking facility is an affordable alternative to onsite EWR parking, and you’ll never have to pay a friend or a rideshare service to get you to and from the airport.

Along with our competitive low rates, we offer special programs to help you earn free Newark Airport parking. We also provide complimentary services like luggage assistance and shuttle rides to EWR. Our secure lot provides you with a safe place to leave your vehicle, and we are located close to EWR so you’ll always make your flight on time. Don’t pay more to park at EWR, save money on Newark Airport parking and let us do the driving.

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Newark Airport Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our Newark Airport parking process? Get more details below or give us a call today.

Which phone number do we call to reach your Newark Airport parking facility?

Call 973-465-9400 for shuttle pick-up from EWR Airport.

Do your Newark Airport parking shuttle vans run 24 hours a day?

Yes, our parking facility is open 24 hours a day and services the Newark Liberty Airport (EWR).

How long in advance should I make my reservation prior to my trip?

You can book anytime you want using our website. Even at the last minute.

How long does it take to get to Newark Liberty Airport from Vista Parking?

Typically, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to get to the Newark Airport terminals without traffic. Please arrive at our parking facility with sufficient time for travel.

How long before my flight leaves should I arrive at Vista Parking?

Make sure you give yourself enough time to check into Vista Parking especially during peak hours or holidays. We recommend arriving at our Newark Airport parking facility 2.5 hours before your flight leaves. You should leave additional time if you’re traveling internationally.

Is there an hourly parking service rate available?

No, we run our daily Newark Airport parking facility based on 24-hour intervals with a (1) one-hour grace period. For example, if you arrive to our EWR parking lot on Saturday at 12:00pm to park your vehicle and arrive back the following Saturday (one week later) at 2:00pm, we would clock you out at 2:00pm and charge you for 8 days of parking.

Do you have a customer service center to help me with reservations?

Our customer service center can be reached at 1-973-465-9400 for any questions or support. Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm. The best Newark Airport parking serivce rates, promo codes, or coupons can be accessed from our website and through our weekly promotional emails.

How does your Newark Liberty parking process work?

When it comes to Newark Liberty parking, our process couldn’t be easier. Once you arrive at our off-site facility, you’ll do a quick check-in and then pull your vehicle into the valet lane. After that, you’ll board one of our premier shuttles that will take you straight to your EWR terminal. In the meantime, we’ll choose a parking spot for your car in our safe, secure economy parking lot and hold it for as long as you’re gone, whether it’s overnight or long-term. Once you arrive back at Newark Airport, simply board one of our shuttles and take the quick ride back to our Newark Airport parking facility. There, you’ll pick up your car and be on your way.

Do you offer Newark Airport parking coupons?

At Vista Parking, we offer competitive off-site Newark Airport parking service rates as well as exceptional customer service. In addition, we offer coupons, discounts, and promo codes to help you get the best deal around. If you’re traveling on business, we also have corporate rates to help keep your travel costs down.

When is Vista Airport Parking Open?

Vista Parking is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Our staff is available to assist you with your travel parking needs at any time.

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