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Find Out Why it’s Better at Vista

Vista is offering a great deal compared to the Parking Spot Coupon, and better service too. When it comes to Newark Airport parking, Vista knows how it’s done. Unlike The Parking Spot we were one of the very first airport parking locations. Since we opened our doors, we’ve discovered what people want in a parking lot when they travel: Friendliness, convenience, and affordability. While some turn to companies like The Parking Spot, we hope you’ll turn to Vista Parking and find out why we’re the best.

The Benefits of a Small Business

Chain businesses often mean monotonous processes and minimal steps to ensure your happiness. At Vista, we love being a small business. We hire only the friendliest staff members and take the time to make sure our customers are truly taken care of. We’re also family-owned and operated, so we treat you the way we would want to be treated. We know that your car means a lot to you, so we’ve taken several measures to ensure it stays safe. Our lot is surrounded by a strong, sturdy fence and we’ve installed a high-tech video surveillance system and keep the area well lit. In addition, our staff members regularly patrol the area on foot for extra protection.

We Focus on Newark NJ

Some companies like The Parking Spot offer parking for a number of different airports, but we’d rather put our time and effort into parking for just one location – Newark NJ. By focusing on Newark Airport, we’re able to know the area like the back of our hand, so we can get you to and from the airport fast. We’re also able to give our customers the time and attention they deserve.

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Less Is More

While The Parking Spot may offer services other than parking, we believe less is more. Our business is valet airport parking and we like to keep it that way. By doing so, we can take the time to make sure our parking lot is fully secure, our staff members are courteous, and our customers are satisfied. We even go a step further and offer free luggage assistance so you don’t have to worry about your bags. And we know you have places to go, so we also offer fast check-out to get you on your way as quickly as possible.

We’d love for you to give Vista Parking a try. We’re so sure you’ll love us, that we’re willing to offer our service at a discounted rate compared to The Parking Spot.

Try us today for just $25.50 using promo code “THESPOT“. You’ll be glad you did.


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