Newark Airport Parking Shuttle

Newark Airport Shuttle

Put an end to stressful airport parking

We know that getting to an airport like Newark Liberty International Airport can be tough; once you’re there, the EWR parking situation can be even tougher. Not only do you have to figure out where your terminal is, but you also have to figure out which parking lot to use. After you park (as long as you’ve found a parking space), you’ll have to carry your luggage all the way to the terminal entrance. This can be a pretty far distance, depending on the lot in which you park. Don’t forget – you’ll need to remember where you parked for when you return and you’ll have to keep track of your keys while you’re away.

Convenience for All Terminals

At Vista, you won’t have to worry about any of the Newark Airport parking stress. Make a reservation with us and we’ll take care of both the parking and the transportation. We offer a free shuttle from our location to every terminal at Newark Airport. Our Newark Airport shuttles run often and at every hour, so no matter what time your flight takes off, we can get you there on time. After a short, comfortable ride, we’ll drop you off right at your desired terminal. After we hand you your luggage, you’ll be on your way to catch your flight.

Our shuttles also frequently run from the airport back to our location. Once you get your luggage from baggage claim, we’ll come pick you up for an easy way to get back. You won’t have to worry about parking traffic or maneuvering your way out of the EWR parking lot.

Skip the parking at Newark Airport and shuttle with Vista instead – it’s free and we’ll make your trip easier and smoother.


Skip the hassle of Newark Airport parking and reserve your spot at our convenient valet parking location.

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