Luggage Assistance to Newark Airport

Luggage Assistance Newark Airport Parking

Leave the luggage handling to us

To the Airport

At Vista, we know the worst part about travel is having to drag around your luggage. That’s why our friendly shuttle drivers are here to help with luggage assistance. After you check in and before you board one of our EWR Airport parking shuttles, let us know if you have luggage in your car. We’ll take your luggage off your hands and make sure it’s stowed away safely on our shuttle. Then, we’ll go ahead and park your car for you while you enjoy a short, comfortable ride to EWR. Once we arrive at your terminal, we’ll unload your luggage for you and send you on your way. You’ll never have to haul your luggage across huge parking lots (or even try to unload it from your trunk!).

From the Airport

After you get back from your trip, head to baggage claim to collect your luggage. After that, locate one of our returning EWR Airport parking shuttles. Our friendly driver will give you the same courteous luggage assistance. We’ll load your luggage onto our parking lot-bound shuttle and unload it for you once we get there. We know you’re probably tired after your trip and the last thing you want to do is drag around luggage after you get off the plane. With our luggage assistance, you won’t have to worry about finding a seat big enough for both you and your bag – you can simply enjoy the ride.


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