You’ve Got Options: How to Find the Best Newark Airport Parking Spot

best newark airport parking

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) was the first commercial air terminal in the United States. It’s only 14 miles from Manhattan, making it a critical hub for the New York and Newark area.

With so much traffic going through the airport every day, it has several parking options to meet every traveler’s needs. Let’s look at your options for the best Newark Airport parking.

On-Site Newark Airport Parking Options

Newark Airport has several options for both short- and long-term parking. It has lots that charge for as little as a half-hour and others where you can park for weeks or even months at a time.

Long-Term Parking

The Terminal C garage, which is across from Terminals A and B, charges $39 per day. Lots P1, P3, and the P4 garage are a little cheaper at $27 or $34 per day.

And if you’re looking for the lowest-cost on-site parking option, the Economy Lot (P6) is $18 per day.

As you might expect, the cheaper the lot, the further it is from the terminals so prepare yourself to make a longer trek.

Short-Term Parking

Newark Airport’s short-term parking gets charged in half-hour increments. There are a couple of options for short-term lots but the cost is the same for each of them — $4 per half-hour ($8 per hour).

The hourly lot is in the Terminal C garage, across from Terminals A and B. This lot is good for pickups and drop-offs since you typically won’t need to park for that long.

Lots P1, P3, and P4 offer daily parking which is still charged by the half-hour. These lots are best if you need to park overnight.

Other Parking Options

There is also a valet parking option near lot P4. You’ll pay $40 per day for this option and you don’t need to make a reservation ahead of time.

If you drive an electric vehicle, there are 5 EV charging stations available in lot P4. There’s no extra charge beyond the normal parking fees to use the charging stations.

Is It Cheaper to Get a Ride to the Airport?

An alternative to parking at the airport is to get a ride so you don’t have a vehicle there. This could be a taxi, a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft, or AirTrain Newark.

If you’re going to park for a few days or more, it’s likely cheaper to get a ride but it’s not nearly as convenient. You’ll be at the mercy of whatever service you choose and may face long waits if you need a ride at peak hours.

Parking your own vehicle gives you the flexibility to change your schedule as you see fit. When you arrive back at Newark Airport, just collect your bags, get in your car, and be on your way.

Vista Parking Offers the Best Newark Airport Parking

The options we’ve listed above for on-site parking aren’t your only choices. There are also off-site parking options that can be quite a bit less expensive as well as providing various other benefits.

Vista Parking is the best place to park at Newark Airport for most travelers leaving from EWR. Our off-site facility offers 24-hour access so it doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you arrive.

Our lot is also more secure than many of the on-site options, which helps protect your vehicle while you’re traveling. Worrying about whether your car is safe is the last thing you need to think about while you’re away.

And you get all these benefits for only $9.50 per day, roughly half as much as the cheapest on-site parking option. We provide short- and long-term parking options so we can help with any length of trip.

A Fast and Easy Process

Vista Parking offers a fast check-in process. Just pull into the Valet lane and we’ll park your car from there.

Once you finish the check-in process, our free shuttle service will drop you at whichever Terminal you’re traveling from. We even offer free luggage assistance to help you get your bags from your vehicle to the shuttle.

The check-out process is just as easy. When you arrive back at the airport, our shuttle will pick you up and bring you back to the Vista Parking facility, where your car will be waiting for you.

Terminal Details for Newark Airport

It’s helpful to know which Terminal you’ll be traveling from when planning your parking choices at Newark Airport. There are three terminals at EWR:

  • Terminal A – U.S. and regional flights
  • Terminal B – International flights
  • Terminal C – Owned by United Airlines

Terminal C is the largest terminal and also offers the best selection of restaurants and shopping while you wait for your flight.

If you’re parking in one of the on-site lots, the terminal you’re traveling from could be important since you may find yourself further away than you expected.

With Vista Parking, you won’t need to worry about this at all. Our shuttle will drop you right outside whichever terminal you need.

Book Ahead So You Have One Less Thing to Worry About

If you’re looking for the best Newark Airport parking, Vista Parking is the solution. We’re a family-owned business that has served Newark Airport travelers for over 20 years.

Book your reservation today and if you travel regularly, ask about our Frequent Parker and Corporate Parking programs to help you save even more.


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