How to Pick the Best NYC Airport

EWR Airport Parking

  We all want to have the best possible experience when we decide to fly somewhere. However, making decisions can become complicated when we have different options to choose from. New York has three major airports to choose from. John F. …

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Foodies: Here’s Where to Get Your Fix in EWR

When you think of airports, “great food” probably isn’t one of the first things that come to mind and it’s probably because of the abundance of shrink-wrapped sandwiches and pre-made salads that line the refrigerator cases. If you’re a foodie, you expect more from a place that sees so many hungry travelers and luckily, EWR has stepped up their game.

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Seeing Eye Dogs Are at Newark Airport

If you’re a dog lover and a travel lover, make sure you fly out of Newark Airport sometime soon. Recently, a local group called The Seeing Eye has begun training around 100 guide dogs in Termial C of the airport.

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Newark Airport Now Has Faster Security Lines

If you’ve ever traveled during the holidays, you know how long the wait can be to get through security at the airport. If you’re traveling through Newark Airport this season, you may not have to wait as long as usual due to the introduction of faster security lanes. We found this article from New Jersey 101.5 that explains.

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