Newark Airport Frequent Flyer

Newark Airport Parking Frequent Flyer

The easy way to manage your reservations

If you’re already a Newark Airport frequent flyer, why not be a frequent parker? At our Newark Airport parking company, we offer a Frequent Parker Rewards Club for all of our customers. Whether you fly for business, for pleasure, or for both, sign up for our club and get access to your very own account. You’ll be able to view your past and future reservations, manage your current reservations, store a credit card on file, store your vehicle information, and more.

We love rewarding the travelers who choose the convenience of Vista Parking over Newark Airport parking. Our Frequent Parker Rewards Club can make things even easier.

Save Money & Enjoy Free Parking

In addition and as a special thank-you for joining our club, we’ll give you one free day of parking for every $100 tax dollars spent. (Days may be accumulated up to 24 months.) This means the more you park with us, the more free parking you can earn. At Vista, you’ll not only have a safe, reliable, convenient place to park every time you fly, but you’ll also save money by doing so. We’d love to have you on our loyal customers list! Join our Newark Airport parking club today and make your future trips and vacations a breeze.

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