Best Place for Car Parking at Newark Airport

Parking at Newark Airport for your next trip could cost you as much as $34 per day. Not to mention, speedy service and conveniences like valet parking will cost you a pretty penny on top of the already high daily-rate.

Whether you are flying out or on a holiday or away on a business trip, these fares add up quickly and drive up the cost of your trip. Depending on your location, a taxi is expensive, and late-night flight times aren’t conducive to hitching rides from friends or family.

So where can you park your car at a reasonable rate and still get to your flight on time?

Follow along to learn about the best Newark Airport parking service and how Vista Parking can help you save time and money on your next EWR departure.

24-Hour Access

Newark Airport’s flight schedule operates around the clock, and so should your parking service. Just because you’ve landed at 3 am doesn’t mean you should be limited in what perks and services you receive.

At Vista Parking, our staff is available around the clock to offer you the best service no matter the time. We work around your schedule so that you can make it to your flight on time without any hassle or extra charge.

Give us a call and let us know when you’ll be checking your car in, and what time you’ll be back for it. We’ll be happy to assist you with time-sensitive service. You can even reserve your spot online and save with a bonus internet discount.

High-Security Lot

There’s nothing worse than getting home after a long flight to discover your car has been broken into or even stolen.

Eliminate this fear by leaving your vehicle in the hands of our family-run business. We’ve taken extra security measures to ensure the safe storage of your car by installing ample lighting, video surveillance, and high-quality fencing around our entire lot.

Our staff is fully trained and always watching so you can rest assured knowing we’re taking good care of your car.

Quick and Easy

You have enough time-consuming lines and agents to deal with at airport check-in and security. Take the pressure off with a quick and easy check-in and check-out system at the parking lot.

We’ve tailored our service to offer you time-saving features. While you sign or pay, we’ll be getting your shuttle loaded for departure or your car ready to drive away when you’ve come back.

Our online reservation is simple to navigate and saves you time at the desk. We’ll make sure you catch your flight on time and get you on your way home without delay.

Free Shuttle

That’s right, our shuttle service will get you to and from EWR at no extra charge. When you arrive, we’ll be waiting and ready to get you to your flight in just 5-10 minutes.

Once you arrive back home, just give us a call and we’ll meet you at the pick-up spot and take you back to your car. No taxi service necessary. We’ve got your back with comfortable seating and qualified drivers.

Valet Parking

Another time-saving perk! Just drop off your keys and let us take care of the rest. Whether you need a space for a few days or a few weeks, you won’t even have to remember where you parked.

Our off-site lot is purely valet parked. We’ll find your car a safe spot to rest and ensure no other drivers can ding your doors or scratch your paint.

You can go ahead and hop on the free shuttle without any unnecessary driving or walking. When you get back, we’ll retrieve your car and have it ready to go by the time you’re shuttle arrives.

Luggage Assistance

Got heavy bags? It would be a shame to spend your whole trip crippled with pain. Prevent back pain by utilizing our friendly staff to haul your bags for you. Let us know you’ve got luggage in the back and we will lift it out of your trunk and straight onto the shuttle.

At the airport, the shuttle driver will retrieve your bags so you can roll right into departures.

You’ll receive the same high-quality service on the way back. No lugging your bags across the lot. We’ll get them from the airport and into your vehicle.

Long and Short-Term

You’ll get the best Newark Airport parking rates around for your long or short term stay. At a fraction of the price of EWR and other Newark Airport long term parking, our off-site facility is flexible for any length of parking.

Whether you are heading out for a few days, or you decide to extend your trip and soak up the sun in paradise a little longer, we’ve got you covered. Just let us know your travel dates and we’ll work out the best deal for your needs.

Corporate Rates

Are you or your staff traveling frequently for business? We’re here for your entire team with discounted rates.

Let us know about your business and what your needs are so we can tailor a package just for you. We’re thrilled to partner with you in providing excellent service for all your staff.

Frequent Parker Rewards

Are you often boarding flights for work or taking trips to see family? Just like a frequent flyer program, you can sign up with us to save time and money on your future parking.

Our rewards program allows you to leave a card and other info on file so you can experience an even more convenient experience. You can even leave special instructions on your car so you won’t have to let us know about that trick to get it into second or to double lock for the alarm.

You’ll earn 1 day of free parking for every $100 tax dollars spent. Keep accumulating days for up to 24 months or use them up as you go for more affordable trips!

Parking at Newark Airport

With so many no-charge extras and convenient services, we make parking at Newark Airport a breeze. Our affordable rates will ensure that you can spend your budget on your vacation, rather than your car storage.

Want the best value Newark Airport parking for your next trip? Reserve now and lock in high-quality service at discount prices.


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