How to Pick the Best NYC Airport

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We all want to have the best possible experience when we decide to fly somewhere. However, making decisions can become complicated when we have different options to choose from. New York has three major airports to choose from. John F. Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport. To make it easier for you, today, we will show you how to pick the best NYC airport.

What Factors To Consider when Trying to Pick the Best NYC Airport

So, what factors should influence your decision when choosing an airport? The choice of airlines, processing times, airport parking, airport layout, and how crowded the airport is are some of the first things that come to our minds. The thing about those aspects is that they are the same wherever you go, for the most part. The differences are minimal at best, and it would be hard to recommend one airport over another for any of those reasons. However, the one aspect that is different for all airports is their location. And, since we all know how stressful getting on time for a flight is, that will be the main difference we will focus on.

Ewr – Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport is the best option in terms of proximity to Manhattan. It takes only a few minutes to get there from Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The Newark Airport Express shuttle service going from Penn Station to Newark Liberty International Airport is a breeze. The AirTrain fare to Newark Airport is included in the $15.25 fare for this trip. Newark Liberty International Airport can be reached by taking the subway to Midtown and then following the steps outlined above.

Newark Airport has direct flights into New York from numerous domestic and foreign places. Thirty-four airlines operate out of Newark, contributing to its 1,200 to 1,400 daily flights. This adaptability makes Newark an appealing gateway to New York for both passengers and airlines.


This is why the moving experts from always recommend going through Newark Liberty International Airport if you are going through a long-distance or international relocation. These two moving types are difficult enough as it is, and the last thing you need is to make them even more stressful. Thus, consider the expert advice given by professional movers and make the best decision.


The next time you are trying to pick the best NYC airport for your journey, take all of these variables into consideration. We have no doubt you’ll find Newark Liberty International Airport to come on top.

JFK International Airport

JFK International Airport, the most well-known airport on the East Coast, is located in Queens. There are numerous ways to get there. There’s no substitute for a taxi when it comes to getting around Manhattan. The same goes if and when you are looking to get to the airport. For $60, your cab will get you there in no time. Alternatively, if that’s out of your price range, there are plenty of other choices. If you have a car, you may want to consider long-term parking.

Additionally, you can take the subway or AirTrain. You can expect to pay around $10.50 for a one-way subway ride. If you live in Midtown Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn, taking the LIRR to Jamaica Station and the AirTrain from there will cost you between $12.25 and $18.50.

Depending on where you are in the city, either Jamaica Station or Howard Beach Station is the closest stop for the AirTrain. For the final leg of your journey, you’ll have to pay $7.75. If you plan to stay in Brooklyn, this airport will be the most convenient choice for your air travel. JFK comes out on top against LAX and BOS when comparing arrival and departure times. Just two of the many airlines that use it as a hub are Delta and American.

LaGuardia New York City Airport

The LaGuardia Airport can be found in East Elmhurst. It’s significantly easier and less expensive to get there if you have another mode of transportation to the airport besides the AirTrain. Manhattan’s Upper East Side to Midtown can be reached by taking the M60 bus. There is, however, an option for those in Midtown who prefer to take the subway to Queens, where they can board a Long Island Rail Road train to Woodside, from where they can catch the Q70-SBS on Roosevelt Avenue to Manhattan.


There is a two-hour limit on free bus transfers, but if you have a MetroCard, you can transfer free of charge. To get to the airport by taxi, you can expect to pay between $35 and $55 without tolls. Taxi rates at LaGuardia Airport are notoriously inconsistent, which can be a hassle if you like to map out your trip meticulously. If you live in Queens, Manhattan’s East Side, or the Bronx, flying to or from LaGuardia Airport is a great option. Even though it has been under construction for a long time, this airport will rival JFK in terms of quality when it is completed in 2022. There are also hubs for Delta and American Airlines there.


We can all agree that massive crowds, delayed flights, and the complicated process of getting to your flight can make flying a real chore. However, if you allow yourself enough time before each flight, you can avoid these issues. And, as you can see, depending on which NYC airport you choose, you will make this easier or harder for yourself. Now you know how to pick the best NYC airport, and you can plan your arrival in great detail and make everything easy. If you can do that, you can rest assured that the rest of your time at the airport will be stress-free.


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