How to Protect Your Car from Heat and Sun Damage

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The approach to the problem can be different when it comes to protecting your car from external factors such as sun and heat. Many people tend to react retroactively when the damage to the car is already done. Experts insist on being proactive in this matter. Making sure to be prepared for weather conditions can win you the day. Being able to prepare for such occasions is not an easy task. We will discuss some tips and tricks on how to protect your car from heat and sun damage.

Effects of heat and sun damage

Before diving into specific tips on how to protect your car from sun and heat damage, let’s see the effects they have on your car. Some of those effects are pretty obvious and can be seen clearly; others not so much. All of them have an immense impact on your car’s health and shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can also affect both exterior and interior parts of your car:

  • Prolonged exposure to heat and sun quickens aging
  • UV rays have a great effect on both interior and exterior
  • Flaking of the paint can occur
  • Damage to dashboard and upholstery
  • Irreversible damage to the paint of the car

Protect your car by parking in the shade

The most obvious protection against sun and heat damage is parking your car in the shade. No matter how silly this may sound, the benefits are vast. Not only do you keep your outer parts of the car, such as paint and tires, cool, but you also protect what’s below the hood of your car as well. Namely the motor, which is the most crucial part of every vehicle. Keeping a motor away from additional heat sourcescan mean prolonging its life. Also, it puts the risk of overheating to a minimum. Parking in the shade protects the inner parts of the car as well, such as the steering wheel and seats. Nobody likes to open their car door and immediately get blown away by a heat wave. Being able to find a parking spot in the airport that’s in the shade can sometimes be difficult. But it is an easy and cheap way to protect your car from sun and heat damage.

Protect your car from sun and heat with paint protection film

As the experts state, one of the best techniques to protect your car from sun and heat damage is paint protection film. This can prove to be a good investment of your money. Wrapping your car in a protective layer or mask brings in a couple of benefits. Firstly, coated layers serve as both a shield and a deterrent to external factors such as heat, sun, dust, rain, and bug splats. Protection against minor dents and scratches comes as a plus. A good example is the common misuse of hardshell luggage that tears the and shreds the outer layers of the paint. Paint protection film prolongs the lifespan of your car as its ”skin” is more durable this way. On top of that, it is bringing more value to the car in general. The only con of this method could be the price. Regardless it is a good investment if you want to protect your car.

Washing and waxing your car

Frequently washing your car when hot summer days come can prove to be a sound strategy. Maintenance of your car is a cheap way to protect it. As experts state, 90% of the time, frequent washing of your car clears dead bugs, grime, and debris. When left in the sun, they begin to decompose, leaving all sorts of acids on the surface. If left unchecked, they can seriously damage the outer layers of the paint. This is where waxing comes in. A great addition to car maintenance that goes well with frequent washing. Though not as cheap as a car wash, waxing provides a short-term protective shield for your car’s paint. This method is similar to the paint protection film but with less impact and shorter duration. Combined with frequent washing, it becomes a great and cheap way to protect your car.

Window shades and reflecting screens can protect your car from heat and sun damage

If you are looking for a fast and really cheap way to get rid of the heat in your car, then window shades are perfect for you. These mobile panels can fit in every car. Though often viewed as a joke, they get the job done. Leaving your car in the sun damages the dashboard and steering wheel, which is where window shades and screens come in. They reflect or absorb the sun’s heat and keep the car’s temperature in check. For just a few bucks, you can protect the whole car. This method is ideal when you are leaving your car in the sun for a prolonged period of time. Like when moving to another state, for example. Van Express Movers suggest the usage of window shades as well as reflecting screens in your car when moving. Cheap and effective, they provide enough protection for customers’ cars while the moving process is underway.

Other tips on how to protect your car

During the summertime, tire pressures tend to go up. This can lead to irreversible damage to the tire or even blow up. Frequently checking your tire pressure is an easy way to ensure this doesn’t happen. Tinting the windows of your car is another viable option. Although more expensive than window shades and reflecting screens, they are a more secure way to protect your car from sun and heat. Joining a frequent parker program is a perfect way to secure your car against any external factor. Cooling systems and AC in your car are your best friends. Keeping them regularly checked is a must because high temperatures during summertime take their toll on them. Checking on your air filter is also paramount, as it’s designed to keep the temperature of the motor stable.

These are just some of the tips to protect your car from heat and sun damage. Using screens and shades is a cheap and easy way to protect your can and prolong its life. There are even some steeper options, such as window tints or protective films. Whether you choose one, or a combination, they are an excellent way to secure your car against sun and heat. Finally, keeping your car regularly checked before the summer heat comes in is a sure way to win the fight.


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