The Cons of Newark Airport Hotel Parking

Newark Airport hotel parking

If you’re staying in a hotel near Newark Airport, you’ll likely need a place to park your car. While most hotels have parking lots, they’re not always the best choice. In fact, here are some cons to Newark Airport hotel parking:

Lack of Security

Many Newark Airport hotel parking lots are simple, open parking lots with little to no security. When you park your car at a hotel, you won’t have the peace of mind knowing it’s safe and secure. At Vista, however, we take vehicle security very seriously. Our parking lot features a strong fencing system, video camera surveillance, and lots of bright lights to keep everything in view. We also have staff members who are on patrol 24/7 to make sure your car stays safe.


Parking in major city is hard enough, and it gets even worse when it’s costly. If you choose a Newark Airport Hotel parking lot, you may be subjected to a costly fee. This fee could be a one-time charge or, more likely, a daily charge. Even if you’re traveling for a short amount of time, hotel parking fees can add up quickly. When you choose Vista, however, you’ll rest easy knowing we offer affordable parking rates no matter how long your trip.

No Luggage Assistance

At Vista Parking, we’re willing to bet that most of the hotels around Newark Airport don’t offer the luggage assistance that we offer. We know hauling your luggage around is one of the worst parts of a vacation or business trip. That’s why we offer complimentary assistance to each of our travelers. When you arrive at our location, we’ll unload your luggage for you and load it onto one of our comfortable shuttles. Once we arrive at your terminal, we’ll unload it for you so you can catch your flight. We work hard to make airport parking as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Frequent Parker Program

When you fly out of Newark Airport on a regular basis, parking becomes a priority. At Vista, we like to reward those who frequently park with us. That’s why we offer a Frequent Parker Rewards Program.¬†Unlike Newark Airport hotel parking lots, we keep track of every time you park with us and the money you spend. Once you reach $100 tax dollars spent, we’ll reward you with a FREE day of parking! We want you to make the most of your trip and your airport parking choice.

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