Should I drive my car across country or ship it?

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We’ve got something special for you today. As you can guess from the article’s title, it’s the ever-present conundrum: should one drive the car across country or just ship it? Which option’s better? Also, which one guarantees you’ll save your nerves? If you’re wondering what the answers to those questions are, make sure you don’t miss out on the text you’ll find below. Stay tuned for some useful pieces of info!

Time, gentleman, time

There’s no need to argue that traversing long distances can be a pretty time-consuming ordeal. Not to mention the obvious: it’s downright exhausting and somewhat stressful. On the other hand, these long-distance trips are great chances to bond with friends or family (if you’re not the solitary driver type). If you, for some reason, got all the time in the world to drive your new car to a specific destination or the distance’s too short for the shipping to pay off, you should choose to drive it. Otherwise, there’s no alternative to organizing the shipment. Shipping companies will develop a detailed plan and give you the expected date for the delivery of your car. Feel free to take some time to check the shipping company’s delivery estimate and figure out just how long does it take them to finalize long-distance vehicle deliveries.

Better safe than sorry

As we’re sure you know, driving across the country isn’t a risk-free process. Road accidents are pretty standard, and that’s a fact we can’t ignore for too long. Each minute there’s something awful happening on our country’s roads, and the risks of being a potential victim of a road accident are higher than ever. If safety’s your priority, hiring a shipping company to handle the ordeal seems like the better option. You don’t want to risk your and your family’s safety by driving across the country roads filled with ignorant drivers, sometimes surrounded by awful weather conditions. Now, you might think this was just one of those travel myths, but we kindly ask you to think again.

Always consider the weather

We’ve mentioned the awful weather conditions in the paragraph above. Asking yourself ‘should I drive my car across the country or just ship it?’ Just consider the weather conditions. When there’s snow or ice on the road, the risk of an accident happening launches into the sky. Also, being on the road for days when the temperature’s not to be messed around with is something that, along with severe back pains, doesn’t help either. If you’re moving in January (or winter in general) and you have to organize the transportation of your car, your best bet is to rely on experts for this. Auto transportation service providers will guarantee both your family (including yourself, of course) and your car safely reach the address of your new home.

What about convenience?

Of course, you might find that driving is still the better option when relocating, but let’s say you’ve got more than one vehicle. What then? The best thing about car shipping is that you’ll be able to drive two or more cars in a single round. You and the family pack up inside one while the others are being shipped to the same destination. When you contact a service provider of choice, ask for an estimate for shipping all your cars at once. If you’ve got two or more vehicles, the most convenient solution is to hire a shipping company.

Money, money, money

A long-distance cross-country drive with your loved ones sounds like a good idea until you consider all the expenses. For instance, you’ll have to calculate fuel costs, accommodation fees, or even food just to see how much you’ll spend organizing the trip yourself. Keep in mind that the sum of those prices can sometimes be pretty surprising. An old saying goes something like this: the more time on the road, the more money you’ll waste. The thing about shipping companies is that they’re probably a cheaper solution (just like long-term parking at Newark airport), even though it’s improbable you’ll get that idea at first sight. Don’t believe us? Ask for a shipping estimate and compare the prices yourself. Anyway, settle for an experienced company (check the customer reviews) that offers affordable shipping rates and stop worrying.

Did someone say reliability?

Most shipping companies (we know of) offer only qualified and experienced drivers at your disposal. Not to mention the fact they have to go through a lot of background checks. These guys understand the potential risks of transporting bulky and valuable loads (especially when being on the road during harsh winter conditions), so don’t worry if something terrible happens on the road. You’ll have insurance that they’ll safely reach the destination you’ve picked out. Still, it’s best if you do some research yourself. As we mentioned above, check customer reviews and see if there’s something fishy going on. By conducting your research, you’ll have the opportunity to see just how reliable a single car-shipping company is when we’re talking about long-distance cross-country moves.

Final thoughts

This was our take on the whole “should I drive my car across country or ship it” dilemma. As implied in the paragraphs above, hiring a shipping company to handle the task might prove to be a better, safer, and ultimately – the cheaper option that’ll save you some money. However, if you think something’s not right with this statement, feel free to conduct some research yourself and compare all the risks and costs and whatnot.


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